About MJ


was established in 2015 with a registered capital of USD $1 million,

is a waste plastic recycling, trade, recycled plastic modified set of integrated companies.
Total Investment USD $ 6 million.

We advocate science and technology to guide environmental protection, the waste plastics recycling, recycling and utilization as a conservation of energy, protect the environment of the new industry. As a member of the international community, we will move forward and upward as the main purpose, creating the pursuit of higher value of the social contribution of enterprises.


We are engaged in environmental research for many years, using the world’s most advanced fully automated regeneration process, into the automatic sorting system, sewage treatment facilities, the introduction of modified technology, production of high-quality renewable raw materials. Major customers in the Tokyo Stock Exchange for a number of listed companies, has a stable procurement and sales channels. We hired Dr. Japanese polymer industry expertise for technical consultants, in cooperation with the world’s top 500 co-development of new materials.


We regard the global environment as the main topic of management , Change consciousness and values, to change waste into treasure as the main idea, efficient business innovation, and strive to become a sustainable development of enterprises, people and the prospect of the earth’s happy future.

Joint Development

High-valued PCR materials by using both technologies

The recycled materials reduce burden on the environment. However, the quality are worse than virgin materials.
The recycled material for multi-function printer, which should be high-performance and low cost, required high technologies.

1.Remove impurities efficiently by the combination of multi-stage washing, high temperature washing and drying.

2.Convert it into a new formulated engineering material.

3.Improve the deteriorated physical property of the material by the combination of materials & process condition.

Technological Problem

1. As recyclable materials contain a lot of impurities, so it is difficult to recover high-purity material.
2. The physical property of plasticized resins are worse than virgin materials by the heat history.

Method of Settlement

  • Collecting | Recycling

    Collect | Segregate | Cruch

  • Sorting

    Classify removing impurities

  • Grinding | Washing

    High Efficiency washing technology
    High temparature washing and drying

  • Extrusion | Pelletizing


  • Testing

    Convert into a new formulated engineering material

  • Modification

    Improve the deteriorated physical property of the material

  • Moulding

    Combination of materials & process condition

  • Product

    Container of comsumables, Exterior Parts, Interior Parts

Conceptual Scheme to assure QUALITY

MJ Material

~ Creating Shared Value